Benefits of being a member

Effective Networking opportunities and growing contacts and connections.
Increased visibility and credibility of CEE companies and brands in Singapore.
Bridging the gap between CEE and SEA and opening the door for more companies to expand to Singapore.
Growing company presence through collaboration opportunities with other members and partners.
Having centralised platform for information exchange and market knowledge about Singapore and the regional ecosystem.
Stronger Advocacy lobbying and deregulation activities in conjunction with EuroCham, Singapore.
Relevant matchmaking partnerships and investor related activities.

Vision, mission and objectives

Create a platform in Singapore for individuals and companies to connect on common business interests.
Assist, promote and represent business from CEE in Singapore and vice versa.
Provide services and support relevant to the members of CEE – Singapore in the form of various business and social events. To collect, obtain and disseminate statistics relevant to the members.
Encourage cross-cultural relation between Singapore and CEE countries. Collaborate with appropriate organisations in CEE, Singapore and the region to further CEE’s objectives.
Strengthen bilateral trade and investment between CEE and Singapore.
Promote the interest of CEE businesses and CEE business people in Singapore and the region

“Building the Image
of CEEC in Singapore
and the region”

Establish strong awareness, presence & support between business from CEE & Singapore

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