SFA Fintech Forum

Navigating tomorrow

22 March 2024
9 am - 5 pm
Carlton Hotel, Empress 4&5, 76 Brash Basa Rd, 189558
  1. 1. Hear from the man behind the ‘world’s most innovative bank’, and moderator, Eric Lim, GM of ASEAN, OceanBase, as they explore inflation, interest rates, and changing consumer behaviors. This conversation dissects the macroeconomic landscape’s effects on the FinTech sector and how these factors profoundly influence businesses. 

    2. Explore the integration of AI in Singapore-based businesses, FinTech sectors, and future endeavors. Also, delve into vital discussions on the necessity of AI oversight and governance, essential for responsible development.  

    3. Gain insights into the investment climate and fundraising landscape from Alex Manson, Head of SC Ventures, Jeffrey Paine, Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures and Scott Krivokopich, Managing Partner of 1982 Ventures. Moderated by Caecilia Chu, CEO & Co-founder of YouTrip, explore emerging FinTech themes, potential exits, and evolving perspectives in the industry.

    4. Delve into how the financial sector, spanning large corporations to small enterprises, can wield a powerful influence on sustainability. Unpack ESG adoption, with a focus on governance, and gain insights into board composition and integrating sustainability into decision-making.

    5. Gear up for a glimpse into Singapore’s roadmap for the next two years. Explore national-level macro perspectives, FinTech’s future opportunities, challenges and the strategic public-private alliances needed to forge Singapore’s path toward an exciting future.

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