14 November 2023
12.30 pm
SBF CENTRE - 160 Robinson Road, Level 6

On 14th November 2023, the heart of Singapore’s financial district will pulsate with
groundbreaking discussions, innovative ideas, and a fusion of East meets West
perspectives at the Poland-ASEAN FinTech Forum. Co-organised with the Global
Fintech institute and hosted by the Singapore Business Federation, the forum brings
together Poland’s technological potential and ASEAN’s dynamic growth landscape in
the field of financial technology. The event aims not only to highlight the potential of
FinTech innovations but also to bridge gaps, forge alliances and pave the way for a
resilient, interconnected financial future.
At a time when global disruptions are changing the structure of the financial industry,
the forum is focusing on more than just technological advances. It delves deep into
Poland’s geostrategic positioning to draw a roadmap for “Future Finance Poland” – an
ambitious initiative envisioning Poland as a next-generation financial hub.
Today, Poland has so far attracted investors from 46 countries around the world, with
brands such as Google, Microsoft and many other tech giants, building their European
hubs here, spending billions of dollars and transforming the entire region into a vibrant
technology hub. As a country that develops AI skills and where more than 5,000
scientific and research papers are written annually on the applications and capabilities
of AI, we’re proud to have a huge talent base backing up global MNCs like HSBC, JP
Morgan, Intel. Meanwhile, ASEAN, with its rapidly expanding digital consumer base and
burgeoning FinTech startups, offers lessons, challenges and opportunities.
Yet, the event isn’t just about macro perspectives. With an array of esteemed panelists
and speakers from both Poland and ASEAN, including key financial sector leaders from
Poland, and numerous notable Polish professionals based in Singapore, the forum
promises rich insights.
In essence, the Poland-ASEAN FinTech Forum is more than an event – it’s the genesis
of new collaborations, a seeding ground for fresh ideas and a beacon for the future of
global FinTech. As the world stands at the crossroads of change, this forum invites
attendees to be part of the dialogue shaping the future.

● To foster closer financial and technological ties between Poland and ASEAN
● To showcase the latest FinTech innovations and solutions for potential
adaptation and collaboration.
● To provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss challenges, share insights and
create sustainable partnerships.

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