How people learn webinar with Olimpia Mesa

Date: Monday, 30th November 2020
Time: 4-5pm
Location: Online


30 Nov 4-5Pm Join us for a meaningful conversations with Olimpia Mesa and Tiberiu Dragoiu-Luca. A webinar about how entrepreneurs, business professionals, educators or simply parents experience the framework and learn how to improve the way they communicate, persuade, sell, or teach.

Olimpia Mesa is the author of the How People Learn book and a leading expert and consultant on brain-based learning design. She is the president of Instructional Design Ltd., a company behind hundreds of successful corporate and educational programs both online and in-person, delivered in a variety of different languages. In addition to consulting with Fortune 500 organisations on learning projects, Olimpia is the founder of Book to Courses™ Online School. Find out more:  and
16:00– 17:00 Q&A and open discussion
Runtime: 60 min.