Distributed EDGE computing and data center opportunities

Date: Wednesday, 10th March 2021
Time: 4Pm

Central and Eastern Europe Chamber of Commerce Singapore (CEEC) holding a EDGE DC & Cloud Webinar.

Thursday 10th of March, 3:00 PM Indonesia Time (WIB) / 4:00 PM Singapore (SGT)

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This webinar is about the future of edge computing. Edge Computing is a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge – where things and people produce or consume that information. With deployments of IoT devices and the arrival of 5G fast wireless in Indonesia, placing compute and analytics close to where data is created and consumed is making the case for edge computing. Our experts are sharing their perspective on various aspects of Edge Computing.
Are you prepared for the next level of digital transformation? Tune in and find out more, send questions to our experts!
3 pm Indonesia time – 4 pm Singapore time
3.00 pm Keynote – Future of edge computing in Indonesia
Mr. Kavin Wong – CEO, DC1st
3.10 pm – Cost optimized edge data center
Mr. Tamas Balogh – principal consultant, H1 Systems
3.20 pm – Google Cloud on EDGE
Mr. Denny Muktar – digital technology strategist, Google Indonesia
3.30 pm – Multi-cloud management @EDGE
Mr. Krisztian Flautner – solution specialist, CISCO (Banzai Cloud)
3.40 pm – 5G and the Intelligent EDGE
Mr. Stephen Ho, COO, SkyLab
3.50 pm – Presenters panel – EDGE adoption in Indonesia
Moderator: Mr. Peter Sasi – President – CEEC, CEO – Multipass Asia Pte. Ltd.
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