CEEC United: Remembering 1956 in CEE

23 October 2023
6.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Frying Fish Club - 140 Owen Rd, 218940
CEEC Member ticket: 35 SGD
Non-member ticket: 40 SGD

October 23rd, 1956, for Central and Eastern Europeans signifies more than a remembering of the students who courageously called upon the public to protest against foreign dominance, oppression, and aggression standing firm till their final moments.

Yet, as we gather to commemorate this day, we reflect on the valor of those who stood up to protect their national independence, reaffirming our belief that such courage will ultimately triumph.

Venue: Frying Fish Club – 140 Owen Rd, 218940

Date: 23rd October, Monday 
6.30 pm – 9.30 pm 

CEEC Member: 35 SGD
Non-member: 40 SGD

The ticket includes:

1 fish & chips and 
1 alcoholic drink of your choice: 
 – Gin &Tonic
 – Red/white wine
 – Lager/Sour beer
2 non/alcoholic drink of your choice: 
 – Yuzu Ramune (Sparkling Lemonade)
 – Iced Lemon Peach Tea

Stay tuned for upcoming exciting events for CEEC United Club!

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